Broadway, Rockettes, Fitness, and DESSERTS! - Body by Simone

Broadway, Rockettes, Fitness, and DESSERTS!

Broadway, Rockettes, Fitness, and DESSERTS!
October 22, 2013 admin

Here at Body By Simone, our amazing and beautiful trainers are multi talented and have a wide variety of interests and hobbies. We’d love to introduce you to Amanda and Beth who not only have a passion for fitness and dance but also a love for all things sweet…

Beth Nicely and Amanda Larsen have been best friends for 11 years when they did their first professional show together, the National Tour of 42nd Street. They tap danced all over the country and learned they not only had a passion for musical theatre, they both loved desserts! They would try dessert in every city they went to in the USA. Both from Ohio, they knew they would be lifelong friends.
When they finished the tour and returned to NYC and danced at Radio City Music Hall as Rockettes, they decided to start a website dedicated to “Where to go” for dessert. Everyone always asked them where to go to get the best this or that in the dessert world, so why not make an online resource?! was born and they’ve been writing and sweet eating ever since. They also call themselves “Blondie and Brownie.” Very fitting.
Amanda has been married for 6 years and met her husband in the Broadway show Good Vibrations. Her husband, David, is also a talented performer. He will be joining the Book of Mormon tour as the lead, Elder Price! Beth met her husband on the dance floor (literally) of a restaurant party and has been married 5 years. He is also in the world of entertainment as a Producer of Saturday Night Live. Both Beth and Amanda were bridesmaids in each other’s weddings.
They’ve both continued their careers as performers with parallel lives. They did Spamalot and Young Frankenstein as well as other numerous Broadway shows. They’ve always been fitness fanatics, so in their free time, they’d go all over the city taking all kinds of classes. This not only kept them in shape as dancers, it let’s them have their “cake and eat it too.” When Beth was hired at Body By Simone, it was just fitting that Amanda join as well! They LOVE working at BBS and feel like they have a whole other family with the staff and clients.
The universe seems to want to keep these ladies together since they’ll both be in the upcoming Woody Allen and Susan Stroman Broadway musical, Bullets Over Broadway! They also have an episode airing November 19th on the Cooking Channel, Log On & Eat with Eden Grinshpan. You can see them eating dessert with the host, Eden, and teaching her some dance moves!
Just a few Broadway showgirls, best friends, loving desserts, and working them off at Body By Simone!

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