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Cardio v. Strength Training

Cardio v. Strength Training
September 29, 2014 admin

Not sure how to break up the week? In terms of cardio versus strength training, we don’t believe it should be an either/or situation. We are firm believers in interval training because you’re going be burning calories throughout the whole hour. If you really want to break up your days, one or two days a week focus mainly on cardio, but then in the other days there is toning. In your “toning days” always try to add in at least some form of cardio—10 minutes minimum to the start of whatever that workout is.

People just really need to do it—especially women. We’re not doing enough cardio. Yoga’s great, the Barre’s great, changing the shape is great, but you’re not actually getting the heart rate up enough to a calibrating state. You should start off at five or ten minutes, so then you’re going to burn throughout the whole session.

It’s so important for women to do cardio for our heart health, and as we’re getting older, our hormones are setting in as well, and it’s harder to shift the weight. Cardio will help you to really shift the weight. It’s 80 percent diet and 20 percent exercise, so you do really need to watch what you’re putting into your body, but the cardio is what’s going help the weight drop off. It sounds cheesy, but you really do have to think about it as fueling your body!

And on that note, we will see you in dance cardio!