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Get to Know the Trainers – Jacey’s Favorite Things

Get to Know the Trainers – Jacey’s Favorite Things
November 12, 2013 admin

1. Favorite color
I want to say blue, but you won’t find anything in my closet that isn’t white, gray or black.

2. Favorite Food
pizza any kind from anywhere

3. Favorite drink (alcoholic of course…lol)
champagne of course!

4. Favorite season
the Fall! I love the changing leaves, apple cider & cozy sweaters.

5. Favorite animal
my pup Roccoman

6. Favorite TV show
Game of Thrones

7. Favorite movie
Love Actually & Bridget Jones

8. Favorite band/singer
I love the Strokes, XX , Florence and the Machine, Jay-Z, Coldplay…..I can’t pick just one!

9. Favorite restaurant in NYC
Mezzaluna! My mouth is watering just thinking about it.

10. Favorite holiday
I danced in the Radio City Christmas Spectacular for 9 years, so I have to say Christmas!