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Healthy New Year 2014!!!

Healthy New Year 2014!!!
January 15, 2014 admin

Welcome 2014 – a new year, and often, a New Year’s resolution to lose weight and be healthy. Yes, changing unhealthy habits can be a good thing, but unfortunately ,most New Year’s resolutions go out the window come February. Why? We put too much pressure on ourselves, setting unrealistic and unspecific expectations of what we need to do to get there.

Instead, this year, take time and focus on small, achievable monthly goals that you CAN accomplish. Here are some great goals to help you re-set post holiday season:

  • Eat Breakfast

It’s a no brainer. You SHOULD be hungry in the morning since you’ve gone at least 6-8 hours without eating something. If you aren’t, you may be eating too much at night. Even an apple with peanut butter is better than nothing!

  • Throw out leftovers

You shouldn’t have any holiday leftovers in your kitchen or cabinets. This also means throwing out any foods around your home that could trigger you to eat them when you’re bored or stressed!

  • Limit drinkable calories

Soda, juice and sweetened coffee drinks are wasted calories! Now is also a good time to also cut back or limit alcohol to help you detox post-holidays.

  • Drink more water

Water or sparkling water is so important for your health, especially to aid in digestion and help keep you regular. Try and start your morning off with 2 glasses of water.

  • Choose the right carbs

Fiber carbs are the best form of carbohydrates since they keep you feeling full and satiated. Go for oatmeal and fiber cereals and try to steer clear from white flour or white sugar. Whenever you have the option, go for whole grains!

  • Go for fish not meat

Skip heavy meats and dark-meat poulty and opt for more fish and seafood to help boost your omega-3’s and help your heart. Make a goal to have salmon twice a week.

  • Turn to soups in the winter

Soups are super filling and nice on a cold winter night. Choose vegetable soups like minestrone and tomato soups or broth-based soups instead of the creamy or noodle-packed ones.

  • Snack wisely

Throw out pretzels or other pickable snacks like Hershey’s kisses or candy, which are all empty calorie snacks. Instead, go for a mix of protein and carbohydrates during the afternoon slump like a piece of fruit and a handful of nuts.

  • Eat more meals at home

Even planning to cook at home twice a week can make a difference in your overall weekly caloric intake, You don’t need to cook anything fancy, even a veggie omelet or grilled chicken and roasted vegetables can be an easy and healthy dinner option. You will consume less salt, less fat and will also save some money!

   10. Get moving!

No excuses! Get your butt to BBS! A great way to manage the winter blues is to get your endorphins going through exercise. It’s a natural mood-booster.