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How NYC Superstar Sarah Stays Nourished Throughout The Day

How NYC Superstar Sarah Stays Nourished Throughout The Day
September 5, 2014 admin

As a dancer and looking in a mirror nearly my entire life I have always had an interesting relationship with food. Like any relationships I have had good times and bad times. But now that I’m older and understand my body so much more we mostly have a good time. Like with many people, I just needed to figure out what worked for me rather than judging and comparing myself to everyone else. My day to day to life as a personal trainer at Body By Simone as well as a dancer and choreographer on broadway, and movies and award shows. My body never gets to rest, therefore, I am constantly looking for foods that will keep me fueled and energized but not feeling sluggish!! That is the worst for me. I also have an incredibly sensitive stomach, so I have to be very careful with things. A couple of years ago I had a food intolerance test which personally for me was life changing as I had basically had tummy ache for 35 years and then this had a huge impact on my life and my tummy!


I always like to start my day with warm water and lemon. So many health benefits!!

If I’m training first thing, I can’t eat until after as I get stomach ache, (I told you had a funny tummy) so I try to keep myself as hydrated as I can and I would say about 3 or 4 times a week I will have a green juice whilst I’m training.

When I’m all finished I’m so EXCITED for my English breakfast cup of tea (I’m a Brit) with vanilla almond yoghurt and raw granola, bee pollen, hemp, chia and flax seeds! I really could eat this for every meal…..I LOVE IT!!


I’ll have either a salad with chicken and some cheese, preferably feta, or a veggie wrap. Sometimes I treat myself to a cheeky packet of salt & vinegar chips, or crisps as I would say! The stronger the better!


I love sushi (but I have to keep the soy sauce to a minimum as again it gives me a funny tummy), or I love to have salmon and lots of steamed vegetables with pink salt….delicious!!!

When I’m in a broadway show my hardest time of the day is after the show, which is very late but that’s when I’m the most hungry and my time to relax, so I like to have chicken and raw veggies with hummus! But I really want to eat everything in the house!!

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I always leave myself the option to snack in between sessions, here are some of my favorites!

I keep a gluten free cereal bar in my bag (my husband calls them anti-anger bars as my blood sugar level can hit low very quickly).

I love slices of cucumber with a little pink salt, boiled eggs, an avocado smoothie (romaine lettuce, cucumber, hemp protein, almond or kefir, half an avocado), bran crackers with poached eggs, or celery with almond butter. And I always love a cup of tea with some dark chocolate but I Love Galaxy chocolate ( a brand from back in the UK)!

The most important thing for me is keep going with a little bit of food all day and for me to know that the food is helping my body and brain. I try to keep my empty calories to an absolute minimum as much as I can!