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Nora’s Summer Essentials!

Nora’s Summer Essentials!
August 25, 2014 admin

Wonder what Nora’s been up to all summer? Look no further – a little Q&A with the lady herself!

FAVORITE BEACH: Manhattan Beach baby!

BEACH ACTIVITY: Probably doing handstands on the beach, but if i’m feeling especially ambitious, surfing.

GYM BAG: I love the lululemon Om Me Home bag–lots of hidden pockets for my sweaty stuff.

SNACK TO STASH: Justin’s Almond Butter packets–they’re great protein, taste delicious, and aren’t too awkward to eat in the car.

SUNGLASSES: Ray Ban’s Classic Aviators. I get it from my Momma.

POST-WORKOUT MEAL: I love putting an avocado on two slices of thick whole grain bread or a tortilla, with a little bit of plain tofu on the side for extra protein.

SCENT: I’m a big fan of Anthropolgie’s in-house “Vanilla” scent. It’s cheap, it stays on your skin even through a workout, and it makes you smell like cookies.

: I love ocean kayaking or just picnicking on the beach!

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