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Nutritional Yeast – Healthy and Beneficial!!!

Nutritional Yeast – Healthy and Beneficial!!!
February 11, 2014 admin

What’s that nutty, cheesy, orange flaky thing sitting in the spice aisle? Looks kind of funky, but tastes sooooo good. It’s nutritional yeast! Yes, I know, the name sounds like it would be something horrible tasting, but it’s actually delicious and quite addictive. And more importantly, it has many nutritional benefits in each 1 tbsp serving.

What is it?
Unlike brewer’s yeast, active dry yeast or baker’s yeast that are often used to help baked goods rise and for brewing beer, nutritional yeast is actually a INACTIVE yeast. It is yeast that is grown on beet sugar, which is first fermented and then deactivated and dehydrated. And the good news is it’s free of candida and will not cause yeast to form in your body.

Why is it good for me?
• It is super rich in B vitamins, often fortified with vitamin B12, a vitamin that is often lacking in a vegan/vegetarian diet.
• It is also a source of complete protein, fiber, as well as iron and folic acid
• It is free of dairy, soy, gluten and sugar
• It also has no cholesterol and sodium!

What can I put it on?
Nutritional yeast imparts a nutty, cheesy, kind of creamy-like flavor, so it’s no wonder that it is a great cheese substitute. My favorite use for this delicious seasoning is on my popcorn for an afternoon snack. Nutritional yeast is also great on top of roasted veggies, kale chips, in salads and in soups. I personally use Bragg’s brand, which can be found at Whole Foods.

Enjoy and please let me know what you think. Happy eating!
Dara Godfrey