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BBS Jump Rope

BBS Jump Rope


The BBS Jump Rope will help you build endurance, stamina and coordination, whilst also increasing muscle tone throughout your whole body. Use it alongside the BBS App jump rope workouts, or substitute it for Dance Cardio in our classes!

  • Adjustable speed rope.
  • Length of rope : 3m (9.8ft). Suitable for beauties up to 6 feet tall (adjustable for your custom height)
  • Ball bearing handles for a smooth, effortless and even rotation
  • Lasered BBS logo on the anti-slip handle
  • Custom BBS carry bag and tool for adjusting
  • 3 Month Warranty

Length Adjustment Instructions:

1. Ensure both rubber stoppers are secured at each end of the rope.
2. Find the screw in the center of each metal ball bearing. Use the Allen key to slightly loosen each screw until the ball bearing can glide through the rope. *Do not loosen too much or the screw will fall out.
3. Stand on the jump rope in the middle of the cord with feet together. The bottom of the jump rope handles should come up to the armpit. Mark these points and tighten the screw in the center of each metal ball bearing using the Allen key. Happy jumping!



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Weight 6 oz