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Machiko Mazzella

Machiko Mazzella
May 11, 2015 Site Editor

The biggest compliment I can give Simone and her team is that BBS was instrumental in helping me kick menopause in the butt!  Instead of gaining the inevitable weight, I actually lost a few pounds and feel great both physically and mentally, and I did this without changing my diet.  During my annual physical recently, my doctor expressed some concern over my weight loss until I explained my exercise regimen over the past year.

Aside from the weight loss and increase in definition and cardiovascular fitness, I have been injury free since working out at BBS.  This past year is the first time in many that I have not been to physical therapy for extended periods of time.  I believe that this is due to the nature of the workouts at BBS.  Instead of concentrating on the same muscle groups and joints, the classes and private sessions focus on all parts of the body; therefore, not overtaxing any one area.  The springy floors also help tremendously.

Living on the upper east side, the location of the studio is anything but convenient; however, I go at least three to four times a week.  Yes, I am addicted and proud of it!  I could not do this if the workouts did not leave me feeling exhilarated and if Simone and her team did not make me feel so welcome.  When my thirteen year old daughter came with me for the first time, she instantly felt the warmth and said to me “this is like your place.”  I just smiled and said “yes, this is my home away from home.”

Thank you Simone and everyone at BBS for creating an oasis where you can take a break from life, have fun and sweat away your worries!