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Body By Simone: Trampoline Cardio DVD

The fourth installment in the BBS DVD collection. Trampoline Cardio, is brought to you by celebrity trainer and Body By Simone creator Simone De La Rue.

Simone and her incredible team take you through a 55 minute heart pounding cardio workout. You will bounce your way through 3 trampoline dance routines, and conditioning on the trampoline to target the upper body, lower body and core. You will torch calories, whilst working on your coordination and strength.

This trampoline class is for those who are searching for a fun, low impact cardio option. The soft mat of the trampoline cushions your landing to protect your joints. Your knees, hips, and lower back will thank you. But don’t be fooled, this is still a killer workout!

Designed for all fitness levels, the only equipment you will need is a mini trampoline and 1 pound wrist weights. Simone recommends JumpSport trampolines and BBS x Tone-y-Band wrist weights. This workout can also be done without the trampoline. All dance routines are just as much fun on the floor!

Connect with your inner child and bounce your way to amazing weight loss, increased strength, and escalated stamina. We think it’s one of the most fun and joyous ways to get your cardio fix!

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As Seen On Revenge Body! The low impact trampoline workout that can help you bounce away the pounds.


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