Testimonials - Body by Simone


“The first class I took at BBS was Dance Cardio with Simone and I was immediately hooked.  I didn’t know any of the dance moves, and it didn’t matter because I was having fun while working out.  I started coming regularly and was taking 5-6 classes per week, even doubling up on certain days, usually a full body class or hips, thighs, buns class followed by dance cardio.  I craved the sweat and the dancing high that came with each class.”


“The biggest compliment I can give Simone and her team is that BBS was instrumental in helping me kick menopause in the butt!  Instead of gaining the inevitable weight, I actually lost a few pounds and feel great both physically and mentally, and I did this without changing my diet.  During my annual physical recently, my doctor expressed some concern over my weight loss until I explained my exercise regimen over the past year.”


“I’ve never looked or felt fitter. My arms are very defined, I ave visible abdominal muscles (a first!) and I’ve got my dancer’s legs back. In addition, I’ve gone down a whole dress size – from a 6 to a 4 – my energy has increased, and I sleep so much better after a killer sweat session.”


“I achieved toned and defined muscles I hadn’t been able to get with any other workout, resulting in a happier and more confident bride on her big day! BBS is great because it truly works for women. This becomes clear in just a few weeks when you begin to see results! It is fun and you always feel better after one of the workouts.”


“It is a true full-body workout, hits all the major muscle groups, as well as those spots that men usually don’t focus on in the weight room. It has also helped develop my flexibility and is a great cardio workout for folks like me that dread the treadmill and the elliptical. It’s fun, challenging and nurturing, and forces you to push your limits. There is also zero judgment with the program, but with personal attention (not always the case in a class environment) to ensure you are doing exercises correctly and pushing yourself.”