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Body By Simone: Prenatal Workout DVD

The Body By Simone Prenatal Workout is brought to you by Body By Simone creator and celebrity trainer Simone De La Rue. Simone is a NASM certified PT and a Pre- and Postnatal specialist.

Upon discovering that she was pregnant with her first child at age 43, Simone searched for safe, yet challenging workouts that she could do throughout her pregnancy. She discovered there really were not a lot of offerings for women who have been active and wanted to remain active. Hence, Baby By Simone was created.

This Prenatal series includes workouts for your first, second and third trimester. There are 6 workouts in total. Each full body workout is 20 minutes in length, so you can choose to do them separately, or combine them for a longer more challenging workout.

The collection was created with an introduction and stamp of approval from her own OBGYN Dr. Jason Rothbart. This Prenatal series will provide you with the tools to engage your TVA muscles and strengthen your pelvic floor. It will help you move, feel good and love your body throughout the most incredible time in your life.

Always consult your physician before beginning any exercise program.

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