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Michelle Gerson

Michelle Gerson
May 11, 2015 Site Editor

I was introduced to Body By Simone a year and a half ago by a friend. I was bummed out after many years of fertility treatments had hindered my ability to exercise and changed the way my body worked and looked completely. I felt like I was wearing a suit, or was in some other body that was not my own. I was desperate to make a change and get my body strong and working correctly again. I had tried every trendy workout there was, from private trainers to spin classes. My friend told me, “Michelle you need to do this new workout – it will literally change your body and your life!”

I called Body By Simone the very same day. Much to my surprise, Simone herself answered the phone. I explained to her where I was physically and mentally. She was so warm and open, and I felt really comfortable speaking with her. She encouraged me to come in and try a workout and see how I felt. I went the next day not knowing what to expect. Simone led me into a large mirrored dance studio, cranked up the music and said, “Ready? Follow me!” And that’s exactly what I did. For the next hour we danced, worked with resistance bands, and did numerous exercises all to the beat of great music. Before I knew it I was a sweaty mess and the hour was up. It was so much fun and I felt great when I left.

The next day I bought a package of private sessions and committed myself to doing the workout three times a week. After one session I was hooked. It was the first time in my entire life that I looked forward to exercise and had fun working out. Although my body is still a work in progress I feel strong again and my clothes fit totally differently. All the trainers are so supportive and know exactly how to motivate and instill confidence in me. I came to Simone when all my stars were in line, except one: my body. Now I feel committed to myself and I can truthfully say, “All my stars are in line!” Thank you Simone and the staff at Body By Simone for putting up with me and making this such a fun journey!