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Morgan Simonson

Morgan Simonson
May 11, 2015 Site Editor

My experience with BBS has been sensational. After a sports injury and some exercise neglect, I set out to lose a bunch of weight and get back in top-notch shape. I made significant progress both on my own and with a personal trainer, but needed something to get to the next level and increase my activity level. For me, that was BBS.

I found BBS to be the perfect compliment to my gym workouts: It is a true full-body workout, hits all the major muscle groups, as well as those spots that men usually don’t focus on in the weight oom. It has also helped develop my flexibility and is a great cardio workout for folks like me that dread the treadmill and the elliptical. It’s fun, challenging and nurturing, and forces you to push your limits. There is also zero judgment with the program, but with personal attention (not always the case in a class environment) to ensure you are doing exercises correctly and pushing ourself.

I always feel invigorated after BBS. After the first month I saw meaningful, positive changes in my body, endurance and strength. It’s safe to say that I am addicted to BBS and find it a crucial, ncredibly rewarding part of my exercise and health regimen!