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Get Your Arms Red Carpet Ready!

Get Your Arms Red Carpet Ready!
September 3, 2014 admin

Festival and awards season has arrived, so make sure you’re ready to walk down that red carpet. Try this arm workout that will ensure your triceps look long an lean!

What it works: Triceps

How to do it: Sit in the crisscross position and hold a weight in one hand (while on the road you could use a full water bottle as a substitution for a dumb-bell!). Bend forward slightly with a flat back and lift your elbow alongside your rib cage; hold your upper arm here throughout. Extend your elbow, pressing the weight (water bottle) in a smooth arc toward the ceiling until your arm is straight. Bend your elbow to return to the start, and repeat. Switch arms and repeat. Do 10–15 reps, each arm.

Tip: Make sure your shoulders are square throughout this move and that your back stays flat. Don’t hunch over!