Rebecca W - Body by Simone

Rebecca W

What happens when you feel broken? When you’re in such a dark place you can’t imagine a light- much less shining like one. I came to BBS after struggling with depression and anxiety. Unable to look at myself in the mirror, and afraid of stepping foot in a gym for fear that I would fail- I visited Sim’s studio in Brentwood. I was so incredibly nervous, and seeing all the beautiful women who looked perfect and not breaking a sweat (or so it seemed) was intimidating. There I was, overwhelmed, overweight, and sweating just watching the workout. The moment that everything changed was the moment Simone looked at me- and her smile was so genuine! She hugged me with so much warmth. She told me that BBS would be there to support my journey every step of the way and that I could do it. She became my cheerleader- and I really needed a cheerleader. BBS has been a powerful part of my support system in finding myself again. When you’re in a dark place, Simone steps in and holds up a mirror so you can see your own light begin to shine again.