Shayla W - Body by Simone

Shayla W

When I first got to Simone I was a pretty broken person. I didn’t much care about weight because I was really feeling the emotions of abandonment and betrayal. I had never been there before nor had I ever been 250 pounds with a 50 inch waist. Simone taught me that sometimes you have to get rid of the emotional weight before you see things physically manifest to what you want on your body. That’s exactly what I had to do. As I worked through my emotions I had aches and pains I never had before but, my heart began to heal, and  my body responded in kind. Body by Simone is more than what it says. For me her program was body, mind, and soul by Simone and I will forever be grateful. Thank you Simone, for all of your care and dedication to helping me see the light in a very dark time in my life. I also want to say thank you to your fabulous team! Specifically Dom, Tiffany, Katie, Michelle, and Sharona you ladies are cheerleaders and champions of health and positive energy. I cant thank you enough!