Carly L - Body by Simone

Carly L

I’d been to a BBS Dance Cardio class with an old roommate a few years ago.  I loved it but was totally intimidated by how good everyone was and how challenging the workout was. I received BBS emails periodically and would think, “I should start going to that! It’s such a great workout.” After an email on the 8 week challenge pique my interest, I decided to sign up. 8 weeks later, and I seriously can’t thank the BBS staff enough for all of their support and guidance throughout the way. I seriously want to do it again! It was amazing to have a whole team of people who knew my goals and offered constant encouragement. Honestly, the hardest part about the challenge was showing up. Once I did, I was hooked! The BBS staff made every minute enjoyable–even things like burpees that I used to hate. Of course, I still can’t do every single burpee the BBS trainers do, but