Sophie L - Body by Simone

Sophie L


“It’s hard to express how grateful I am for Body By Simone.   It’s truly been a life changer – physically, emotionally and mentally.  I came to BBS when I felt like nothing else was working – I was at my heaviest and couldn’t commit to any diets or fitness programs successfully.  As soon as I finished my first class (complete with a bright red face and sweat dripping down my neck), I signed up for the 8 Week Program and haven’t looked back.

What stands out to me the most is just how fun the classes are.  The upbeat atmosphere, friendly community and lovely, dedicated trainers truly make BBS a wonderful 360 experience.  Every day I felt myself getting stronger, felt my stress melting away, and felt myself getting a lot healthier.  I took advantage of the unlimited classes, and in tandem with the meal plan, I felt my body heal from within.  With the continuous support and encouragement from Beth and all of the trainers at BBS, I lost 38.25 inches and gained a serious love for working out along with a large dose of self-love. My mindset switched from “I can’t do that because it will be too hard” to “I can’t wait to tackle that and nail it” – this extended beyond just the studio but also to all other parts of my life.  Forever grateful for Beth, Simone and the whole BBS team!  I can’t imagine my life without BBS.”