Jen W. - Body by Simone

Jen W.


Jen lost 31.5 inches in 8-Weeks!

“Doing the BBS 8 week program was one of the best decisions I’ve made for myself in my adult life, if not the best. As soon as I chose to put myself first, to prioritize my health and well being above all else, everything (and I mean everything!) in other parts of my life started to fall into place. It’s amazing how that happens, right? And how easy it is for us to be convinced that we should put ourselves second, third, or even last?

When I started the 8-Week Plan, I was coming off of a very stressful few months at work – I hadn’t been eating well or working out regularly, and my body started to feel it and show it. My goals for the Plan were as much mental/emotional as physical. I needed to shake up my life. After going to class 3 days in a row I started to feel and see a difference. I was stronger. I had more stamina. Class was a little less challenging (but still hard as hell!). So I stuck with it.

For the first four weeks, I wrote down everything I ate and felt, both good and bad – and shared it each week with the amazing BBS Plan support staff. They wouldn’t scream at me if I confessed to having a bagel or be angry that I skipped on BBS one day for yoga or a walk outside. They are extremely supportive and realize the fact that life gets in the way – work dinners, birthdays, music festivals get in the way. Their words of encouragement were what kept me going week to week.

The 4 week measurement point is hugely motivating and a great way to track your progress, it’s the perfect spring to get you over the hump. In the last 4 weeks my muscle definition became more obvious, to me and to those around me. Coming to class every day no longer felt like going to the gym, it felt like meeting up with friends to hang out and dance. I created a community at BBS, and that, along with the confidence I feel both inside and out, is the biggest takeaway for me. I need workouts to be more than just working out. And every time I walk up those stairs I’m seeing friends who I’ve now connected with on a deeply personal level; most of who are facing similar challenges with their work/life/self balance.

At the end of the 8 weeks, I lost a total of 31.5 inches. Those were just numbers to me until I saw the difference in my before and after photos. I couldn’t be more proud of myself. I stuck with the program, I leaned on the BBS staff for support and love (which they were more than happy to give) and I came out stronger than ever. I cannot recommend the program enough; I’m thrilled to say that because of it, I have a second home at BBS. Huge thanks to Simone, Erica, Alice and Tracy – each of those 8 weeks was a celebration and I’m more grateful to you than you’ll ever know!!”