Jen G - Body by Simone

Jen G

When I started, I was skeptical about the kind of results I might see from the BBS eight week program. I’m much more of an athlete than a graceful dancer, so I wasn’t confident that BBS would “work” for my (decidedly non-dancer) body type. At the end of the eight weeks, I realized that I had been thinking about this all wrong. First of all, the program DID produce results! Combining 6-8+ BBS workouts each week with healthy eating (plus the cleanse) meant that I lost many inches and toned up a lot. My body looks and feels different now than it did before I started the program. But beyond the lost inches, I realized that the value of the BBS program is more than just whether it “works.” At BBS, everyone is a dancer. Your body type = a dancer body type! If you work hard and come often, you can learn the routines and nail them like a pro. (And regardless of pure dance skill, a smile is worth just as much here as the perfect pirouette!) The joy that I feel in the middle of a BBS class when everyone is doing the routines together is worth more than any lost inches. What an endorphin release! It is a pure pleasure to work out at Body by Simone, and I would absolutely recommend the workout and eight week plan. Thank you to the women of BBS for creating a space to have fun, tone up, and feel confident and full of joy in the middle of a hectic NYC life.