Sarah - Body by Simone




“I was a strong athlete growing up. I think I had a six pack from the time I was about eight. My body served a purpose—it wasn’t vanity. I thought of my body in terms of performance: be faster, stronger, smarter.

Then when I was 19 I caught an esophageal virus and lost 15 pounds in two painful weeks. My gastroenterologist put me on a restricted diet. I began to associate food with pain, which quickly spiraled into an eating disorder.

Fast forward a decade…

A year ago I was in a constant state of anxiety and I really needed a solution, it was getting out of hand. Plus, I felt like gravity was out to get my bum. I learned about Body by Simone from an old NY Times review. I’d love to lie and say that I could keep up but the truth is I was out of step and out of breath. Regardless, importantly, I was pretty sure I’d get the hang of it. So I signed up for monthly unlimited.

I can’t praise Body by Simone enough. I feel like an athlete again. I have muscle again! And discipline. And, most gratifying, I’ve noticed that I critique myself in the mirror differently—I see my muscle, my movement, my posture and not so much my wibbly bits. I’ve learned to think of the mirror as a tool rather than as an opponent. It’s very cool. Plus, I’m pinching myself that I’ve learned to grasp and anticipate choreography.  I find it remarkable that I’m confident enough to dance in the front row!

So a huge huge huge thank you to you and the Body by Simone team for offering a dance program that is accessible and doable. And furthermore a huge thank you for offering a goal-oriented program on top of it. Body by Simone is wonderful.”