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Brandy C.

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Brandy lost an incredible 23 inches overall on our 8-Week Plan. We couldn’t be any more excited for her progress.
Read her story below and contact us if you want to get started!
“I wanted to finally get in better shape before I turn 42 (January 2016), as I’ve been putting it off for quite some time. I was very sluggish, had a terrible diet and never exercised. This 8-Week Plan was exactly the jump start I needed to change my lifestyle. Before, I would thick of healthy eating and exercise as torture and now it energizes me and I feel 1000% better every day. Simone was extremely informative and gave me realistic goals to think about. She emphasized the importance of the right diet as well. [The Cleanse] was tough , but I felt so much better at the end of it. It has changed the way I think about what I eat. Thank you Simone and the BBS Team. You guys ROCK!!!”